Adhesives for ABS

ABS-car-internal1 ABS has many applications due to its light weight, impact resistance and toughness, and widely accepted processing methods such as injection bolding and extrusion. Parts that are made of ABS can be easily found in blood accessible medical devices, car, airplane, electronic assemblies, luggage and protective carrying cases, household and consumer goods, and musical instruments. UV curable adhesives can be applied to many of the parts on high productivity production line. Based on your preferences of viscosity, curing speed, mechanical specifications, and application area, the following adhesives can be selected:

GB001, GB002, GB003, GB006, GB010, and GB012 are preferred choices for general industrial applications;

GB101, GB102, GB103, GB104, GB108, GB112, GB117, and GB118 are suitable for medical devices applications;

GB201, GB202, GB203, GB204, and GB209 are made for assembly lines in auto industry, furniture, and jewelry.

GB301, GB501, and GB505 are better applicable in semidconductors and optical products.