Adhesives for Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate (PC) is optically transparent, impact resistance, and light weight. Applications for windows, car headlight and tail light assembly, eye glasses, electrical components, DVDs, and medical device parts, have been found. Gigbond has many formulations for PC, the right choice of which will be dependent on your preferences of viscosity, curing speed, mechanical specifications, and last but not the least, optical clarity.

GB002, GB005, and GB010 are preferred choices for general industry applications;

GB101, GB102, GB103, G104, GB115, GB117, and GB118 are suitable for medical devices applications;

GB201, GB203, GB204, and GB207 are made for assembly lines in auto industry, furniture, and jewelry.

GB301, GB501, and GB505 are better applicable in semidconductors and optical products.