Adhesivs for glass

glassGlass has been widely used for practical, technological, and decorative uses, mainly due to its optical properties. It can be made as sheet for windows and display units, as shaped form for vales and bottles, and as solid form for marbles. Coatings and adhesives are usually often necessary to enable easier manufacturing process, or provide protective measures that mitigate its shortcomings. Gigbond provides protfolio of products that can adhere to glass while provide high refractive index, capability to adhere to metal, glass, wood, or plastics.
Many Gigbond adhesives adhere glass well. Your specific selection conditions can be met by checking our product portfolio. For instances, high Refractive Index adhesives with defined viscosity range can be found in our High Refractive Index Adhesives area. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.