Adhesives for Nylon

Nylon is a family of polyamide thermoplastic polymers, including nylon-6, nylon-11, nylon-12, nylon-4,6, nylon-6,6, nylon-6,9, and nylon-6,10. Due to its unique chemical structure, in correlation to its hydrogen bonding, Nylon exhibits a combination of excellent elasticity, rigidity, and toughness. Its supermolecular structure is akin to that of silk and keratins, making it excellent candidate for fiber material, such as variety of strings and ropes. It has been used as an component as fiber enforced composites. Applications can be found in general industry and medical devices. Some of its copolymers have been applied in packaging industry.
Gigbond developed UV curable adhesives that adheres to Nylon as well as other substrates, enabling Nylon’s use together with other substrates, whether plastics, metals, glass, or wood. Typical samples are GB120, 121, 212, 213, 214, 215, 516, and 517.