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The company is located at 116 Research Dr., Bethlehem, PA18015. Phone: 1 610 849 5070, Contact email:

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Below are the products that we will provide samples, most of the time a Pint per request:

General Industry: GB-004, GB-005, GB-006, GB-007, GB-008, GB-009, GB-010, and GB-012.
Medical devices: GB-101, GB-102, GB-103, GB-109, GB-110, GB-115, GB-117, and GB-118.
Electronics and optics: GB-202, GB-203, GB-204, GB-207, GB-208, GB-209, GB-301, GB-304, GB-308, GB-501, GB-502, GB-506, GB-507, GB-508, and GB-509.

Selection for suitable products based on the substrates you use can also be found on the application section in home page.

Gigbond LLC proud itself of having key founders having developed UV curable products the solutions of which have been lacking for decades. Do not hesitate to give us a shot for products, services, or collaboration.