Classes of Adhesives

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General Use Adhesives are fast curing, non-VOC adhesive that can be used on different substrates, from glass, metal, wood, to plastics, for different industry sectors. Applications can be found from jewelry, furniture, watch, packaging, to building construction. GB001, GB002, GB003, GB004, GB005, GB006, GB-010, and GB-012 are developed for specific application fields. Businesses big and small may benefit from these common-use portfolio of products.

Gigbond developes and markets industrial adhesives that can be used on cars, machinary, aeroplane, applicances, motors, transistors, electronic parts, etc. Gigbond products are fast curing under UV and do not have volatile organic component (non-VOC). Many off-the-shelf products can be selected for your use.

Medical device UV/Vis adhesives can be used to bond syringe needles, plastic tubing, catheter, reservoir, facemasks, breathing apparatus, and intravenous infusion tubing. These adhesives can be sterilized with γ irradiation or ethylene oxide. GB101, GB102, GB104, GB108, GB111, GB112, GB115, GB117, and GB118 are made ready for selection.

Gigbond developes and markets electronics adhesives. Applications include printed circuit board, monitor and display, packaging, keyboard, wiring, conformal coating, to temporary protection film. Depending on the specific requirements from customers on viscosity, curing conditions, mechanical and electronic properties, specific formulations can be selected. A number of products are developed for your choices off-the-shelf.

Optical adhesives can be used in vehicle light assembly, glass products, house lighting sets, jewelry, crystal furniture and fine arts. These adhesives are optically clear and have excellent bonding properties, and weatherability. GB-501, GB-505, GB-506, GB-507, GB-508, and GB-509 are made ready for selection.