Industrial Use Adhesives

Selection guide for industrial adhesives are summarized in the table below:

Liquid UV-Curable Adhesive GB-201 is a broad spectrum adhesive that showed excellent adhesion for majority of substrates being tested: plastics, metals, and glass. Its low viscosity is promising for ease-of-operation such as dispensing. When parameters other than curing operation and adhesion strength are not that important, this one has a good chance to meet your needs.

Liquid UV-Curable Adhesive GB-202 is suitable for adhering PC, ABS, PVC, and Glass.

Both Liquid UV-Curable Adhesive GB-203 and GB-204 are suitable for adhering glass, PVC, metal, ABS, PMMA, TPU, and others for variety of applications. Cured sample showed excellent toughness and water resistance. Low shrinkage under curing condition was also observed. In assembling products such as electronic products, autoparts, and light industry products that connect different substrates or are placed under different mechanical stress, these adhesives should be top choices.

The most significant advantages of GB-208 is its superb performances on plasticized plastics, while strong adhesion on popular plastics such as PVC, PMMA, ABS and PC were noticed. It performed exceptionally well against similar products in keeping bonding strength on plastics with high plasticizers, in chemical resistance, and in weatherability. It is worthwhile to mention that apart from its good adhesion, GB-208 also exhibited great toughness and adhesion strength over a period of two years, being tested under accelerated test condition.

GB-209 is suitable for adhering PMMA, ABS, PVC, and glass. They can be used for display and monitor assembly, plastic parts assembly, and other assembly line of industrial goods with plastics and glass.